Friday, March 2, 2012

Waterless Definitely Doesn't Mean Less Fun

It really makes us happy that we hardly ever receive any complaints when it comes to our waterless car wash products. This is a good indicator that we are doing a great job at giving the customers what they want and need and supplying them with a high quality product. In fact, one of the only things that we ever hear our customers talk negatively about is they sometimes like the feeling of splashing the water around on a summer day. While we understand that, it is quite wasteful and there are still many ways around that.

First off, and this is probably nothing that you don't already know but all of that water that you use to wash your car in the traditional way is a big waste. There is simply no need to use up all of that water to do something like wash your car when it can be accomplished with no water at all. Not to mention all of the dirt and grime that gets mixed with the water and soaked back into the earth during the wash. These are all things that our earth and environment does not need.

As far as having fun with the water, we hear you! We love playing around in the water too, we just prefer to do it in a way that is not so wasteful. If your car is covered in dirt or mud then you can still (and you should) go ahead and give it a spray to remove any excess debris from the vehicle. It is during this time that you can get your fill of playing around in the water. Even if you don't have any excess debris on your vehicle you can still spray it down and cool yourself off. We recommend not using too much though as it would defeat the whole purpose of the waterless car wash to begin with.

Also, with the time you save washing your car the waterless way, you will have a lot more time to focus on other fun water activities. Once you are done washing the car you can take the kids to the pool or the lake and go for a swim. An added bonus is that you will probably notice all of the people in the parking lot checking out how clean and shiny your car really is. For all the dads out there this can be a great new way to make new friends with common interests in your area.

So yes, the waterless car wash has removed the water from the process, that is apparent right from the name. That being said, you can still enjoy the water on a hot day and in some situations have even more time for the fun parts because you have spent less time actually washing your car. No matter which way you decide to wash or what you decide to do after washing, make sure you are having fun and enjoying that great shine.

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